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164 Revolutionary Deja Vu

As the Stoilov government decides to support them, Macedonian revolutionaries attempt to resolve their differences and form a united front. Meanwhile, the persecution of Stefan Stambolov continues as Prince Ferdinand attempts to find a way toward reconciliation with Russia.

Major Characters in this Episode

Stefan Stambolov

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Tsar Nicholas II

Boris Sarafov

Gotse Delchev Traiko Kitanchev

Konstantin Stoilov

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1894 Nov 5-8th - Founding of the central press syndicate in Sofia.

  • 1894 Nov 12th - ВМРО starts publishing the newspaper “Право” in Sofia.

  • 1894 Nov 16th - By suggestion of Georgi Gubidelnikov (Губиделников), a parliament survey commission is elected to investigate the actions of Stambolov’s leadership. In a report from 1895 they point out numerous cases of Stambolov’s ministers having broken the law.

  • 1894 Nov 28th - Most of the limiting parts of the law pertaining the press from 1887 are revoked.

  • 1894 Dec 7th - Reconstruction of the government of Konstantin Stoilov. Vasil Radoslavov’s liberals are removed.

  • 1894 Dec 20th - Law for higher education.

  • 1894 Dec 23rd - Political amnesty for those repressed by Stefan Stambolov with the exception of the emigrant officers. Dragan Tsankov returns and Petko Karavelov is released from the Black Mosque.

  • 1894 Dec 24th - Founding of the National Agrarian Union (short-lived).

  • 1894 Dec 25th - Bulgaria joins the European time network and institutes Eastern-European time.

  • 1894 Dec 27th - Unhappy members of the Macedonian literary brotherhood create the Brotherly Union society

  • 1894 Throughout the year - The postal service reaches the villages.

“Под игото”, the first Bulgarian novel, is published, as well as To Chicago and Back.

Founding of the first Armenian revolutionary party in Yambol.

  • 1895 Jan 9th - Congress to reconcile Macedonian factions held in Sofia.

  • 1895 Jan 25th - The natural tenth is substituted for a land tax (until 1900).

  • 1895 Jan 28th - Instituting of the law for encouraging of the local industry by the Romanian model.

  • 1895 Jan 30th - New exarchate statue of regulation is adapted to the kingdom.

  • 1895 Feb - Founding of the Bulgarian trade bank in Ruse.

  • 1895 April 17th - Creation of 4 trade-industry chambers with a knayzheski decree. Their seats are in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Ruse.

  • 1895 April - Law against giving out loans with more than 12% interest.

  • 1895 March 19-28th - Congress of the Macedonian Associations in Sofia. Founding of the Macedonian committee with Traiko Kitanchev as chairman.

  • 1895 May 14th - Founding of the Bulgarian economy association.

  • 1895 June 20th - Railroad Shumen-Kaspichan.

A young Gotse Delchev
A young Gotse Delchev

A young Boris Sarafov
A young Boris Sarafov

The leader of the Fraternal Union and then of the unified Macedonian Committee, Traiko Kitanchev
The leader of the Fraternal Union and then of the unified Macedonian Committee, Traiko Kitanchev

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