102 Revolutions, Rebellions, and Reforms

With internal rebellions and powerful empires at the gates, the Ottomans are looking weaker than ever. However, the entrance of a certain Napoleon Bonaparte onto the stage will reshape the entire European world, Ottomans included.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Selim III

Empress Catherine the Great

Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II

Osman Pazvantoğlu

Napoleon Bonaparte

Timeline for this episode

  • 1787-1791, Austria-Turkish-Russian War

  • 1792, Treaty of Jassy

  • 1793, Second partition of Poland

  • 1794, Revolt in Vidin by Osman Pazvantoğlu

  • 1795, Third partition of Poland

  • 1797, the nizam-i jedid army is formed

  • 1798, Napoleon invades Egypt

  • 1800, Convention of El Arish

  • 1801, Osman Pazvantoğlu invades Wallachia resulting in Russian intervention

  • 1802, Wahhabi sack of Karbala

  • 1804, First Serbian Uprising

Russian territorial gains after the 1792 Treaty of Jassy

Sultan Selim III

A map showing all three partitions of Poland

Osman Pazvantoğlu

The 1798 Battle of the Pyramids

The Orašac Assembly in which the Serbs resolved to rise up against the Ottomans

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