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198 One Against All

With the end of the First Balkan War, Bulgaria faces a difficult choice. Its army is on the brink of revolt, its neighbors are threatening war, and an uprising in Macedonia is poised to begin any moment. With Macedonia largely under Serbian and Greek control, what is Bulgaria to do?

Major Characters in this Episode:

PM Danev

James Bouchier

Tsar Ferdinand

Tsar Nicholas II

General Savov

General Dimitriev

Timeline for this episode:

  • 1913, May 23-28 - Mutiny breaks out in five Bulgarian regiments fueled by anti-war activities by the Narrow Socialists and Agrarians.

  • 1913, May 30th - Serbia ends rail connections with Bulgaria.

  • 1913, May 31st - Serbia and Greece insist that Russia should arbitrate all conquered territory from the First Balkan War while Bulgaria insists that arbitration should stick to the agreed upon treaties and only cover the contested areas.

  • 1913, June 1st - An earthquake strikes northern Bulgaria, leading to severe damage in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Veliko Tarnovo, and Lyaskovets.

  • 1913, June 5-13th - Fighting breaks out between Bulgarian and Serbian forces near the Zletovska River.

  • 1913, June 9th - A ministerial council is held in Sofia during which General Savov makes it clear that the army cannot retain discipline for more than 10 days and that he is confident Bulgaria can defeat Greece and Serbia.

  • 1913, June 15th - The Tikveš uprising begins in macedonia, organized by VMRO and with the knowledge and support of the Bulgarian army.

  • 1913, June 16th - The Second Balkan War, AKA the Inter-Allied War, begins.

Sources used in this episode:

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  • Válka na Balkáně by Emanuel Škatula

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  • The Rough Road to Statecraft: The Life of Bulgaria’s Ivan E. Gueshoff by Elena Statelova

  • Foxy Ferdinand: Tsar of Bulgaria by Stephen Constant

Territories controlled by the Balkan allies after the conclusion of the First Balkan War
Territories controlled by the Balkan allies after the conclusion of the First Balkan War

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