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182 Snowballs, Bullets, and Wedding Bells

An assassins bullet rocks Bulgarian politics, Ferdinand and his government attempt to further crack down on political organization, and the Prince's family grows smaller, then larger.

Major Characters in this Episode

Prime Minister Dimitar Petkov

Protestor Bozhidar Zdravkov

Prince Ferdinand

Clementine of Bourbon-Orléans

Dimitar Stanchov

Prime Minister Peter Gudev

Prime Minister Alexander Malinov

Eleonora Reuss-Köstritz

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1907 Jan 16th - An opposing coalition is formed against the Patriotic block.

  • 1907 Jan 25th - Law for clerks and white collar workers, prohibiting them from entering unions.

  • 1907 Feb 1st - The Bulgarian Railroad Workers Union is formed under БРСДП.

  • 1907 Feb 3rd - Knyaginya Clementina dies.

  • 1907 Feb 13th - Second French loan is obtained to fund infrastructure and further military expansion.

  • 1907 Feb 26th - Prime Minister and former mayor of Sofia D. Petkov is shot close to Orlov bridge.

  • 1907 Feb 27th - A new cabinet of the People’s Liberals is formed, headed by Dimitar Stanchov.

  • 1907 Mar 3rd - A People’s Liberals government is appointed, headed by dr. Peter Gudev.

  • 1907 Mar 8th - First law for the stock market. Beginning of the commodity market in Bulgaria.

  • 1907 Mar 27th - Law for Societal safety. Start of the secret political police.

  • 1907 March - Law concerning the press, introducing censure in violation of the constitution.

  • Identical notes against the armed Serbian propaganda in Macedonia are given to the Great Powers in Belgrade.

  • 1907 Summer - Bulgarian rapprochement with Vienna

  • 1907 Aug-Sept - The ВМОРО Left holds its own district congress in the village of Libyahovo.

  • 1907 Oct 19-21st - The Young Liberals’ party holds its first congress in Sofia.

  • 1907 Nov 3rd - Labor inspection law.

  • 1907 Nov 11th - A founding Assembly for the Head Union of the Bulgarian Agrarian Coops is held in Sofia.

  • 1907 Nov 28th - Boris Sarafov and Ivan Garvanov are shot in Sofia by order of Yane Sandanski (factual devision within ВМОРО).

  • 1908 Jan 12th - Pensions for government workers are introduced.

  • 1908 Jan 16th - Government of Petar Gudev dissolves and a new government is formed under Alexander Malinov.

  • 1908 Jan 27th - Austro-Hungary gives up on reform actions in European Turkey after receiving concession for the building of railroad through Novi Pazar and Macedonia toward Salonica.

  • 1908 Feb 17th - Ferdinand marries for the second time.

Prime Minister Alexander Malinov
Prime Minister Alexander Malinov

Prince Ferdinand's mother Clementine of  Bourbon-Orléans
Prince Ferdinand's mother Clementine of Bourbon-Orléans

The wedding of Ferdinand and Eleonora (Photo from Royal Bulgaria in Color)
The wedding of Ferdinand and Eleonora (Photo from Royal Bulgaria in Color)

Princess Eleonora
Princess Eleonora

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