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178 The World Shakes

War breaks out between Japan and Russia, the strongest recorded earthquake to ever hit the Balkans rocks Macedonia, and the fallout of the Ilinden Uprising continues to reverberate throughout the region. You can find photos of the earthquake damage here.

Major Characters in this Episode

Ivan Gueshov

King Peter of Serbia

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1903 Nov 4th - Ivan Gueshov is attacked in his home.

  • 1903 Nov 22nd - The General Assembly grants 500k leva in aid of the victims of the revolt and the immigrants. The grand an additional 300k on Feb 9th 1904.

  • 1903 Dec 3rd - The 3rd assembly of the Democratic Party.

  • 1903 Dec 18th - The secret Bulgarian officer brotherhoods are reinstated, leaning towards general Ivan Tsonchev.

  • 1903 throughout the year - Opening of the first 4 telephone stations in Bulgaria. Bourgas port was opened.

  • The first populist bank in Bulgaria is founded in Sofia.

  • A group of baptists separates from the Sofia church and founds the Free Brothers movement, following the example set by the Plymouth brothers.

  • 1904 Jan 5th - Law that says ministers can’t be sued for actions approved by the National Assembly.

  • 1904 Jan 8th - Political amnesty for the period between 1897-1903.

  • 1904 Jan 8-13th - Founding of the Federation for the Macedonian-Odrin charitable societies in Sofia.

  • 1904 Jan 16th - Law against crimes committed by the press against the head of state and his family is passed.

  • 1904 Jan 23rd - Law that makes the Sofia University a university.

  • 1904 Feb 8th - Russo-Japanese War begins.

  • 1904 Feb 12-15th - Restorative third congress of the Odrin revolutionary district in Varna. Leaders are elected: Lazar Madzharov, Stomata Ikonomov, Lazo Lazov

  • 1904 March 4th - The Balkan committee confers on the Macedonian question in London. 500 attendees, among which there are 40 MPs defend the Bulgarian cause.

  • 1904 March 7-25th -A Greek deployment enters South-Western Macedonia by orders of the Greek government fighting against the Bulgarian freedom movement.

  • 1904 March 26th - Bulgarian-Turkish contract for dispelling tensions after the revolt.

  • 1904 March 30th - Bulgarian-Serbian secret treaty, ratified on April 29th.

  • 1904 April 4th - Strongest earthquake ever recorded in the Balkans hits the Bulgarian village of Krupnik.

  • 1904 April 5th - The Great powers distribute the reform regions in Macedonia. In May, 60 European officers take their posts in Macedonia.

  • 1904 April 17th - First puppet show in Bulgaria.

  • 1904 April 25th - A constituent assembly of the Young Liberal party, a fraction of the Liberal party.

  • 1904 Beginning of May - Prilep mobile congress of the Bitolya revolutionary district. The create a draft constitution, a rulebook, and a rulebook for the deployments, which are sent to the headquarters on June 24th.

  • 1904 Sept 23rd - A Pro-Serbian deployment lead by Yovo Dovezanski attacks Belakovtsi, Kumanov region, and kills 4 Bulgarians - first armed Serbian attack in Macedonia.

  • 1904 14-16 - First regular assembly of the National party in Sofia.

  • 1904 Oct 31st - Bulgaria obtains a loan for 100 million Leva at 5% interest from France.

  • 1904 Nov 2nd - The Bucharest Court of Appeals recognizes the Evlogi Georgiev will in favor of Bulgaria, concluding a 6-year-long trial.

  • 1904 throughout the year - First census of the patronage industry: 166 factories with 6149 workers, 36 145 leva invested capital and 32 776 leva annual production. General Tsonchev tours Western Europe to promote the goals of the Supremecists.

  • National Theater is built.

  • First recording of traditional Bulgarian folk music on vinyl.

The Japanese bombardment of the Russian base at Port Arthur
The Japanese bombardment of the Russian base at Port Arthur

A Serbian Chetnik band preparing to enter Macedonia
A Serbian Chetnik band preparing to enter Macedonia

The newly completed National Theater in Sofia
The newly completed National Theater in Sofia

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