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174 A Government Without Options

Between the deaths of several major political figures and a shift in electoral politics, the Bulgarian political landscape is shifting. Sofia is being pushed closer to Russia, but far from making things easier, this only seems to create yet more challenges for Ferdinand, his governments, and the Macedonian revolutionaries.

Major Characters in this Episode

Ivan Gueshoff

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Petko Karavelov

Stoyan Danev

Tsanko Tserkovski

Toma Karanjulov

Vasil Kanchov

Diko Yovev

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1901 June 27th - Tsar Alexander II’s brother visits Bulgaria.

  • 1901 July 10th - The Tarnovo metropolitan Clement dies in Sofia.

  • 1901 July 29th-Aug 5th - Ninth congress of the Macedonian immigrant society.

  • 1901 Oct 12-14th - The third agrarian congress in Sofia officially solidifies БЗНС as a political party.

  • 1901 Nov 9th - Founding of the historical society.

  • 1901 Dec 16th - Founding of the Bulgarian Archeological society.

  • 1901 Dec 21st - Progressive Liberal cabinet headed by Stoyan Danev.

  • 1901, BG Assembly bans itinerant Roma from voting

  • 1902, Jan 4th - Petko Karavelov resigns after his failure to obtain support for a new foreign loan.

  • 1902 Jan 24th - Toma Karandzhulov shoots the minister of education Vasil Kanchov, a notable Macedonian researcher, in his office.

  • 1902 Jan - Massive fake stamp scandal leads to the suicide of Diko Yovev.

  • 1902 Feb 17th - Elections for the 12th General Assembly, won by the ruling Progressive Liberals. Voter activity is 50%.

  • 1902 Apr 13-15th - Congress of the Odrin revolutionary district in Plovdiv.

  • 1902 Apr 22nd - The 12th General assembly convenes with Dragan Tsankov as chairman.

  • 1902 Apr - Stoyan Danev visits St. Petersburg

  • 1902 May 31st - A secret Bulgarian-Russian military convention is concluded in Peterhoff. Russia guarantees the Bulgarian-Romanian border for 10 years. In the case of war, the Bulgarian army comes under Russian command. With Russian intervention, the Firmilian question is resolved not in Bulgaria’s favor and the bishop is officially appointed in Skopje.

Prime Minister Stoyan Danev
Prime Minister Stoyan Danev

A Bulgarian government bond from 1902
A Bulgarian government bond from 1902

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