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170 A New Balkan War

Seeing an opportunity, Greece attempts to size Crete from the Ottomans, triggering full scale war. Meanwhile, the Supremecists and MRO are both trying to determine their next moves as events outside their control rock Macedonia with uprisings and crackdowns.

Major Characters in this Episode

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Konstantin Stoilov

King George of Greece

Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Aleko Konstantinov

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1896 May 12th - Creation of the Odrin immigrant society “Strandzha”

  • 1896 June 5th - A greek detachment of 85 people moors in the Solun gulf to start a rebellion in Western Macedonia.

  • 1896 July 3rd - 8 Greek detachments are sent to Macedonia.

  • 1896 Sept 7th - Petko Karavelov’s liberals choose the name Democratic Party at the congress in Sofia.

  • 1896 Nov 3-11th - Third congress of the Macedonian immigrants. 26 delegates.

  • 1896 Nov 17th - Election for the ninth General assembly, won by the National party. 30% voting activity.

  • 1896 Dec 1st - Start of the ninth General assembly.

  • 1896, Dec 9th - A 10-year trade treaty is signed with Austro-Hungary - VAT is 14%. By the end of the year similar contrast are signed with Russia, England, France, Italy, Serbia, and temporary treaties with Germany, USA, and Belgium. Russia voluntarily gives up its rights of capitulation cited in the Berlin treaty.

  • 1896 Dec 24th -The officers who dethroned Alexander I are given amnesty.

  • 1896 throughout the year - The Observatory in Sofia is opened.

  • The first car arrives in Sofia.

  • The Bulgarian Naturalistic Society is formed.

  • 1897 Feb 7th - Train line Pernik-Radomir.

  • 1897 middle of Feb - The first movie showing in Bulgaria is done in Ruse, followed by one in Sofia in March.

  • 1897 Feb 19th - A secret Bulgarian- Serbian contract is signed in Sofia, concerning the common politics in Macedonia. Montenegro joins unofficially.

  • 1897 Feb 19-21st - Founding congress for the Strandzha association in Burgas.

  • 1897 Feb 20th - Train line Sofia-Roman.

  • 1897 Feb 26th - Foreign passport law comes into effect.

  • 1897 March 14th - Law stipulation government officials should only wear Bulgarian-made clothes and shoes is promulgated.

  • 1897 March - The Secret Bulgarian Revolutionary Brotherhood is formed in Solun, in support of the efforts of the Exarchy.

  • 1897 beginning of April - Sultan ferman for the opening of trade agencies in the vilayets Bitolya, Skopje and Solun, later in Dedegatch and Odrin.

  • 1897 April 11th - Sultan trade for the opening of previously closed down churches in Macedonia and Odrin.

  • 1897 April 18th - Greco-Turkish War begins

  • 1897 11th of May - Aleko Konstantinov accidentally killed

  • 1897 12-23rd of May - Crisis in the universities. Classes are dismissed but the rules are not changed despite pressure from the student body.

  • 1897 June 15-21st - 4th congress of the Macedonian emigration. October-Nov - organizational tour in Northern Bulgaria led by Andrei Lyapchev.

  • 1897 July 5th - Eulogy George dies and leaves his entire inheritance for the building of a university.

  • 1897 August - Radovo affair - the network of БМОРК is uncovered.

  • 1897 August - The French military mission arrives in Bulgaria and stays until 1908.

  • 1897 October - Firmilian question (church stuff)

  • 1897 Nov 14th-Dec - A БМОРК detachment attacks the home of Kyazim bey in Vinitsa. In the following investigation a revolutionary network is uncovered in Skopje (Vinitsa affair).

  • 1897 end of the year - Law for guild associations - mandatory affiliation under government control.

  • 1897 - By initiative of Gotse Delchev the first organization detachments for БМОРК are formed. In 1900 a detachment statute is accepted.

  • 1897 Dec 31st - First statute for the organization of a separate ministry is promulgated (Ministry of foreign affairs).

A painting depicting Ottoman reprisals after the Vitnitsa Affair
A painting depicting Ottoman reprisals after the Vitnitsa Affair

Greek revolutionaries in Crete
Greek revolutionaries in Crete

Fighting during the Greco-Turkish War
Fighting during the Greco-Turkish War

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