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169 The Cusp of a New Era

With Stambolov gone and Ferdinand recognized, Bulgarian politics enters a new age. This episode covers the general situation entering Season 8, how Agriculture, economics, politics, and culture at the cusp of this new era.

Major Characters in this Episode

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Konstantin Stoilov

Tsar Nicholas II

Princess Marie-Louise

Dimitur Petkov Pope Leo XIII

Prince Boris of Tarnovo

Prince Cyril of Preslav

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1896 Jan 13th - Law for taxes and mandatory insurance for property.

  • 1896 Jan - Announcement for the beginning of reforms in European Turkey. Marshal law is removed in Odrin.

  • 1896 Feb 2nd - Knyaz Ferdinand is recognized by the Great powers and receives a sultan ferman for Knyaz of Bulgaria and governor of Easter Remulia.

  • 1896 March - Bulgaria delivers a project consisting of 13 points for reforms and autonomies in Macedonia, similar to the statute of Eastern Rumelia to the High Gate.

  • 1896 April - Forming of the first agricultural association in Varna. In November they start floating the idea for an Agricultural party.

  • МРО Congress in Solun (16 delegates). They choose the name Bulgarian Macedonian-Odrin revolutionary committees. They allow the acceptance of Bulgarian-patriarchists. The vilattes are split into 7 revolutionary regions.

  • 1896 May 1st - Criminal Law comes into force, written on the basis of Hungarian criminal law.

  • 1896 May 3rd - The representatives of the Great powers in Sofia officially hand in their letters of accreditation to Ferdinant I, recognizing him by the Berlin treaty.

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