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165 The End of an Era

Stambolov's long predicted assassination finally occurs. Meanwhile, Ferdinand wonders whether the price asked of him for reconciliation with Russia is too high and Macedonian revolutionaries finally begin sending guerrilla bands into that territory.

Major Characters in this Episode

Stefan Stambolov

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Konstantin Stoilov

Tsar Nicholas II

Princess Marie-Louise

Dimitur Petkov Pope Leo XIII

Prince Boris of Tarnovo

Prince Cyril of Preslav

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1895 June 14th - A Bulgarian parliamentary delegation led by the 8th National assembly’s chairman, Teodor Teodoro, and metropolitan Kliment Tarnovski is sent to Petersburg for talks of renewing diplomatic relations with Russia. The emperor receives them on July 5th.

  • 1895 July 1st - The first congress of Vasil Radoslavov’s liberal party is held in Sofia.

  • 1895 July 3rd - Stefan Stambolov is attacked in the center of Sofia and dies 2 days later. His wife doesn’t allow Knyaz Ferdinand to come to the funeral.

  • 1895 July 21st-27th - Founding of the Bulgarian teachers’ union. They are met with hostility from the minister of education, Konstantin Velichkov.

  • 1895 July - Melnik rebellion and death of Traiko Kitanchev.

  • 1895 Nov 6th - Knyaz Kiril Preslavski is born.

  • 1895 Dec 3rd-16th - Second congress of Macedonian immigrants - 32 associations are in attendance.

  • 1895 throughout the year - Press workers successfully fight for an 8.5-hour workday, Sundays off, and salaries being paid bi-weekly.

Bai Ganyo is published.

By suggestion of Pavel Genadiev, a revolutionary organization tasked with adhering to point 23 of the Berlin treaty is founded in Lozengrad.

A posthumous photo of Stefan Stambolov showing his stab wounds and severed hands
A posthumous photo of Stefan Stambolov showing his stab wounds and severed hands

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