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163 A Changing of the Guard

As Bulgaria enters a new post-Stambolov age, we examine his legacy and see just what Prince Ferdinand and the new Prime Minister Stoilov intend to do without him.

Major Characters in this Episode

Stefan Stambolov

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Konstantin Stoilov

Tsar Alexander III

Tsar Nicholas II

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1894 May 19th - Cabinet of the Unified Legal Opposition, headed by Constantine Soilov, supported also by the illegal Russophile opposition. On the 20th of May, by order of the minister of internal affairs, everyone who was arrested and jailed is set free (metropolitan Clement, Traiko Kitanchev, etc). The government’s program I published in “Свободно слово” on the 21st of May. The program is to democratize the government and reinstitution of civil rights.

  • 1894 June 3rd - Founding of the National party at a meeting of the supporters of Constantine Stoilov’s government, by suggestion of dr. Mincho Tsachev. Constantine Stoilov is party leader.

  • 1894 June-Aug - Vasil Radoslavov’s liberals come out with separate from National party listings in the municipal and county elections.

  • 1894 3-7 July - The first congress of БРСДП is held (merge of БСДП and БСДС).

  • 1894 July - First journalists’ congress in Bulgaria.

  • 1894 Aug 5th -In the Black mosque, friends of Petko Karavelov decide to restore his Liberal party. The leadership is elected on Aug 6th: P. Karavelov, Aleko Konstantinov, Ivan Slaveikov, dr. Georgi Kalinkov, Kosta Arsenic, Hristo Goranov, and K. Dimov. Karavelov refuses to ask for pardon from the Knyaz and to sign a declaration of loyalty.

  • 1894 Aug 24th - Stefan Stambolov is arrested for insult of the Knyaz in an interview for Frankfurter Zeitung. He’s released on bail.

  • 1894 Sept 11th - 8th National Assembly elections.

  • 1894 Sept - Opening of the shipping line Varna-Burgas-Tsаrigrad.

  • 1894 Oct 15th - Start of the 8th National Assembly.

  • 1894 November 1st - Tsar Alexander III dies and Nicholas II comes to power

The new Prime Minister Konstantin Stoilov
The new Prime Minister Konstantin Stoilov

The new Tsar Nicholas II and his wife in 1894
The new Tsar Nicholas II and his wife in 1894

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