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161 To Chicago and Back

This episode covers the journey of Aleko Konstantinov to the Grand Columbian Exhibition, giving a glimpse into life, travel, and how Bulgaria showed itself abroad in 1893. Then, we cover another set of constitutional changes pushed by Stefan Stambolov to cement his power. But with his political strength fading, will it be enough?

Major Characters in this Episode

Stefan Stambolov

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Princess Maria Luisa

Aleko Konstantinov

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1893 April 17-18th - The workers’ union(society?) Brotherhood is founded in Sofia under the leadership of БСДП.

  • 1893 April 18th - Elections for the 4th Supreme National Assembly by the ruling People’s Liberal Party.

  • 1893 May 1st - The Columbian Exhibition opens to the public in Chicago with Bulgarian products and culture on display and attended by Aleko Konstantinov

  • 1893 May 3rd-17th -Fourth Supreme National Assembly with Dimitar Petkov as chairman (member of the People’s Liberal party) introduces changes in the constitution in the article concerning the faith of the Knyaz and the heir to the throne, mandate of the National Assembly, number of ministries, and others.

  • 1893 June 24th - Founding of the Society for the support of artists in Bulgaria with Ivan Markvichka as chairman.

  • 1893 June - The first oppositional coalition is formed by the conservators, liberals and South-Bulgarian unionists. It’s called The United Legal Opposition and publishes the newspaper Слово. It’s joined by the liberals of Dragan Tsankov in September.

  • 1893 July 18th -Elections for the seventh National Assembly, won by the ruling People’s Liberals.

  • 1893 July 25th-31st - A БСДП delegate (Nikola Gabrovski) participates in the third congress of the II International in Zurich.

  • 1893 Oct 15th - Convening of the seventh National Assembly. Dimitar Petkov is chairman and is replaced by Georgi Zhivkov (People’s Liberals) on Nov 20th.

The cover of Konstantinov's book
The cover of Konstantinov's book

Aleko Konstantinov himself
Aleko Konstantinov himself

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