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160 Murders and Wedding Bells

As Bulgaria experiences yet more assassinations, and Stambolov's power looks more uncertain despite diplomatic victories, the pressure on Ferdinand to find a bride intensifies.

Major Characters in this Episode

Stefan Stambolov

Tsar Alexander III of Russia

Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Georgi Valkovich

Archduchess Maria Luisa of Austria, Princess of Tuscany

the Duke of Parma

Princess Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma

Bishop Kliment

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1892 Jan 9th - The Bulgarian army transitions from a regiment to a divisional type of organization.

  • 1892 Jan 11th - Law for subsidizing the raising of sheep with good wool

  • 1892 Feb 1st - France reinstates its diplomatic relationship with Bulgaria. They had stopped because of the expulsion of the journalist Gaston Chadurn

  • 1892 Feb 10th - Ekaterina Karavelova is put on trial along with the wives of other Karavelova-liberals, on accusation of betrayal. The final sentence is not guilty.

  • 1892 Feb 12th - The Bulgarian diplomat dr Georgi Valkovich (Вълкович) is assassinated in Constantinople.

  • 1892 May 1st - First indoor celebration of Labor Day from the social democracy.

  • 1892 May 15th - the lyrics for “Върви, народе възродени” are complete by Stoyan Mihaylov.

  • 1892 June - The Bulgarian Social Democratic Alliance (БСДС) is formed with Krastyo Rakovski as chairman.

  • 1892 July - The Tsarigrad Romanians elect bishop Antim as their official representative in front of the Gate, but he is not recognized by authorities. Stefan Stambolov makes an official visit to Tsarigrad and is accepted by the great vizier and the sultan.

  • 1892 Aug 15th - Bulgarian charitable science society Brotherhood is formed in Bucharest.

  • 1892 Aug 15th - Nov 1st - First Trade and Industry and Agrarian and industrial fairs held in Plovdiv.

  • 1892 Aug - Stambolov lifts censorship laws.

  • 1892 Aug 20th - During the second congress of БСДП in Plovdiv, the party officially splits into 2: БСДП, headed by Dimitar Blagoev, and БСДС, headed by Yanko Sakazov. They hold concurrent congresses.

  • 1892 Dec 9th - Law for quarry exploitation.

  • 1892 Dec 31st - National census.

  • 1892 throughout the year - First hot air ballon flight in Bulgaria at the Plovdiv fair.

  • 1893 Jan 11th - Promulgation of the law of constitutional changes implementation, accepted by the 6th National Assembly. The law forces the founding of a Ministry of trade and agriculture and Ministry of public buildings, roads and communication.

  • 1893 Jan 22nd - Promulgation of the law for trademarks.

  • 1893 Jan 25th - Promulgation of a law for the founding of a Bulgarian merchant shipping company of the Black Sea (formed in 1892).

  • 1893 Jan - Founding of the Bulgarian engineering and architecture society.

  • 1893 Feb 14th - On Knyaz Ferdinand’s birthday, Mitropolitan Clement of Tarnovo (Търновски) holds sermon disapproving of the incoming constitutional changes concerning the faith of the heir of the throne. He is arrested and banished to the Гложенски monastery for life. He will receive amnesty after the fall of Stambolov and will be received in celebratory fashion in Tarnovo on the 21st of March 1895.

  • 1893 April 8th - Knyaz Ferdinand is married to Maria Luisa Bourbon-Parma in villa Pionore in Lucca, Italy. A medal is founded to mark the occasion.

The assassinated Bulgarian diplomat Georgi Valkovich
The assassinated Bulgarian diplomat Georgi Valkovich

Ferdinand's bride, Princess Maria Louise of Bourbon-Parma
Ferdinand's bride, Princess Maria Louise of Bourbon-Parma

The Tuscan palace where the wedding was held
The Tuscan palace where the wedding was held

A photo of the royal couple at their wedding
A photo of the royal couple at their wedding

A photo of the royal couple at their wedding
A photo of the royal couple at their wedding

The royal couple
The royal couple

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