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142 An Inauspicious Start

In this episode, we dive into the first Bulgarian political factions and the complex political environment into which the young Prince Alexander was stepping. As he meets with the leaders of the Great Powers and attempts to form his first government, he's quickly learning that governing Bulgaria will not be easy.

Major Characters in this Episode

Prince Dondukov

Prince Alexander I

Alexander Bogoridi

Todor Burmov

Timeline for this Episode

  • 10th May 1879, The first worker’s union is formed in Sofia by the workers of a printing shop.

  • 22nd May 1879, The graduation of the first class of the Sofia military academy

  • 27th May 1879, Knyaz Aleksander Bogoridi arrived in Plovdiv and takes over the administration of Eastern Rumelia

  • May 1879, Alexander Battenburg tours European capitals.

  • May 1879, The Porte pardons the participants in the Russo-Turkish War and the Kresna-Razlog uprising.

  • 4th June 1879, The Bulgarian National Bank begins operation

  • 7th June 1879, Founding of the first Bulgarian high court.

  • 8th June 1879, By order of Dondukov, Russian armies take Trun and Tsaibrod, occupied by Serbia.

  • 12th June 1879, The first issue of the newspaper Vitosha is released. It is published by the Conservative party.

  • 19th June 1879, The Porte appoints a committee to oversee reforms in the European Vilayets to fulfill their obligations under the Treaty of Berlin. In November it will be sent to the Vilayets.

  • 2nd July 1879, The first issue of a newspaper, “all of Bulgaria” published by the Liberal Party is released

  • 4th July 1879, Alexander Battenburg sets foot on Bulgarian soil for the first time in Varna

  • 6th July 1879, Battenburg swears an oath in front of the national assembly in Tarnovo and begins his reign as Prince.

  • 13th July 1879, Bulgaria is accepted as a member of the World Postal Union, founded just over a year before in Paris.

  • 17th July 1879, The first Bulgarian government is appointed with the conservative party leading, headed by Todor Burmov. It will be temporary and holds its first assembly two days later.

  • 19th July 1879, Border points and custom houses are established along the border of Bulgaria.

  • 22nd July 1879, A military state is enforced in the areas of Varna, Ruse, and Tarnovo to fight brigands.

Alexander Bogoridi, the appointed head of Eastern Rumelia
Alexander Bogoridi, the appointed head of Eastern Rumelia

Todor Burmov, Bulgaria's first Prime Minister
Todor Burmov, Bulgaria's first Prime Minister

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