110 “The start of the Balkan tragedy”

In the aftermath of the fighting over Greece's independence, we take a moment to reflect on the stage being set for Bulgaria in the 19th century: the great power politics, mismatch between political dreams and realities, and changing Ottoman reality. Meanwhile, Egypt make a move to form an Empire and the Ottomans find an unlikely ally.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Mahmut II

Mohammad Ali

Ibrahim Pasha

Georgi Mamarchev

Yuri Venelin

Hristaki Pavlovich

Prince Otto of Bavaria

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1830, Georgi Mamarchev attempts to organize an uprising around Sliven, Kotel and Turnovo, but the Russians put an end to it so as not to disrupt the final war negotiations

  • 1831, Hristaki Pavlovich from Dupnitsa creates a new school in Svishtov

  • 1831-1834, Civil war in Greece

  • 1831-1833, Egyptian Ottoman War

  • 1832, The Sultan orders 1,000,000 measures of a type of fabric to the capital from Smolyan for his new army

  • 1832, another London Conference decides on the final borders of Greece and makes Otto its King

  • 1833, Treaty of Hu ̈nkiar Iskelesi

Georgi Mamarchev

Hristaki Pavlovich

Prince Otto of Greece

The territories controlled by Mohammad Ali following his attack on Syria

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