103 An Aristocracy of Pig Farmers

As the Ottomans struggle to fight Janissary supremacy and rampant banditry within their own borders, the twists and turns of the Napoleonic Wars are throwing redrawing the map of Europe. In the midst of it all, new alliances will be created as the Serbs fight to gain their independence.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Selim III

Sultan Mustafa IV

Osman Pazvantoğlu

Mohammad Ali


Timeline for this Episode

  • 1804, First Serbian Uprising

  • 1805, Muhammad Ali takes over in Egypt

  • 1806, Edirne incident

  • 1806, Serbian uprising turns to Russia 

  • Feb 5th 1807, Osman Pazvantoğlu dies

  • 1807, Selim’s reforms are crushed in a revolt and he is replaced by Mustafa IV

  • 1807-1809, Anglo-Turkish War

  • February 1807, Dardanelles expedition

  • February 1807, Alexandria expedition

  • 10-11 May 1807 Battle of the Dardanelles

  • May 29 1807, Selim is deposed

  • July 1807, Russian Serbian alliance

  • July 1807, Treaties of Tilsit

  • 12 August, armistice between Ottomans and Russians

  • September 1807, the British are allowed to retreat from Alexandria

  • 1807, Russia and France sign the Treaty of Tilsit

  • 1807: END OF SEASON

Europe in 1807 after the Treaty of Tilsit

Sultan Mustafa IV

Mohammad Ali of Egypt

The Serbian Conquest of Belgrade

The destruction of the Ottoman Fleet by the British near Alexandria

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