101 Küçük Kaynarca

As war between the Ottomans and the powerful Russian Empire intensifies, the resulting treaty will help redefine the Ottoman place in Europe and set in motion a set of Russian ambitions that defines Europe even today. Bulgaria for its part will find a new direction to look for aid as abuse at the hands of local Ottoman officials intensifies.

Major Characters in this Episode

Ali Bey

Sultan Mustafa III

Sultan Abdul Hamid I

Sultan Selim III

Empress Catherine the Great

Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II

Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II

Timeline for this episode

  • 1773, Ali Bey leads a rebellion in Egypt

  • Spring 1773, Uprisings around Vidin

  • 1774, Mustafa III dies and is replaced with Abdulhamid I

  • Summer 1774, Russians make it south of the Danube and win the Battle of Kozludzha

  • 1774, Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca

  • 1776-1778 Russian invasion of Crimea

  • 1779 - Treaty of Aynalıkavak

  • 1782, great fire in Constantinople

  • 1783, Russan annexation of the Crimean Khaganate

  • 1786, Expansion of the Saudi state

  • 1787-1791, Austria-Turkish-Russian War

  • 1789, Abdulhamid I dies and is replaced by Selim III

Sultan Abdul Hamid I

A map showing the rough territory of the independent Crimean Khaganate (yellow) and Russian annexations (red) after the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca

Europe from 1783-1792 after the Russian annexation of Crimea

The Ottoman Army leaving Sofia in 1788

The 1788 Siege of Ochakov

The expansion of the first Saudi state

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