099 Hanging On

For the first all, all of the neighboring empires of the Ottomans decide it's time to strike the weakened power. Meanwhile, further state decentralization is bringing abuses of power and unrest to Bulgarian lands as the groundwork for the coming national revival is slowly laid.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Mahmud I

Patrona Halil

Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha

Nader Shah

Köprülü Abdullah Pasha

Simeon of Samokov

Hristofor Žefarović

Partenii Pavlovic

Timeline for this episode

  • 1730-1735, Ottoman-Persian War

  • 1732, Treaty of Ahmed Pasha

  • 1733, Partenii Pavlovic travels through Bulgaria to prepare a pro Austrian rebellion

  • 1735-1739, Austro-Russian-Turkish War

  • 1741, Hristofor Žefarović publishes his translation of Stemmatographia in Vienna

  • 1743-1746, Ottoman-Persian War

  • 1746, Treaty of Kerden

  • 1747, Unrest in Razgrad

Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha

Sultan Mahmud I

Nader Shah

The region before the Treaty of Belgrade

The region after the Treaty of Belgrade

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