098 The Tulip Era

Following the devastating losses of the Treaty if Karlowitz, the Ottomans enter a period of sumptuous consumption which begins to reshape the Empire politically, economically, and administratively. But the rest of the world isn't holding still as events quickly reshape the world to the East, bringing new wars to the Ottoman doorstep.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Ahmed III

Sultan Mahmud I

Nicholas Mavrocordatos

Mihai Racoviță

Patrona Halil

Timeline for this episode

  • 1718-1730, The Tulip Era

  • 1722–1727, Ottoman–Hotaki War

  • 1724, Treaty of Constantinople

  • 1730, Ahmed III was forced out of power in favor of his nephew Mahmud I

  • 1730-1735, Ottoman-Persian War

The Ottoman Empire in 1720

The Fountain of Sultan Ahmed III, a classic example of the architecture of the Tulip Period

The expanding size of the Afghan Hotaki state

Patrona Halil, the Albanian Janissary who led the uprising against Sultan Ahmed III

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