096 Uprisings, Enlighteners, and the Great Turkish War

As the Austrian army closes in on Bulgarian lands, uprisings begin anew. But will the inspiration of men like Petar Parchevich and Petar Bogdan be enough? And when this long series of wars with the Ottomans finally comes to an end, what new world will emerge? In short, some things will change forever while others will stay exactly the same...

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Suleiman II

Sultan Ahmed II

Sultan Mustafa II

Imre Thököly

Petar Parchevich

Petar Bogdan

Peter the Great

Timeline for this episode

  • 1688, the Chiprovtsi uprising

  • 1688, The 9 Years War Begins

  • 1689, Second Crimean Campaign

  • Fall of 1689, Holy League forces capture Vidin

  • 1689, Karposh Uprising

  • 1690, Michael I Apafi and is replaced by Emeric Thököly as Prince of Transylvania after he is released from prison to attack there a third time and finally meets success.

  • 1690, Ottoman reconquest of Belgrade

  • 1691, Second failed Polish expedition into Moldavia

  • 1691, Suleiman II dies

  • 1691, Imre Thököly is forced out of Transylvania

  • 1691, Battle of Slankamen

  • 1692, Austrians take Oradea

  • 1692, Ottomans retake some of Morea

  • 1692, Venetians attacked Candia and Christians on the island rebelled, but both failed and the Ottomans retained control

  • 1695-6, Azov Campaign

  • 1697, Battle of Zenta

  • 1698, Battle of Podhajce

  • 1699, Treaty of Karlowitz

An artistic depiction of Serbs fleeing north after the reconquest of Belgrade

Serbs crossing the Danube to flee towards newly controlled Austrian territory

A map of anti-Ottoman uprisings by Bulgarians showing that of Karposh in the bottom left

The Ottoman order to capture and kill Karposh

The Battle of Slankamen

The Battle of Zenta which finished the Great Turkish War for the Ottomans

Ottoman territory before and after the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz

The map of Europe in 1700 after the Great Turkish War

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