095 The Second Tarnovo Uprising

As the Great Turkish War expands and intensifies, the Ottomans are pushed back on nearly every front. Greece and Hungary see historic changes as palace intrigue struggles to cope with the disasters facing the Ottomans. But is it all enough for a new Bulgarian uprising to find success?

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Mehmed IV

Sultan Suleiman II

Imre Thököly

Constantin Brâncoveanu

Köprülüzade Fazıl Mustafa Pasha

Timeline for this episode

  • 1685, The last Devshirme tax is conducted in Bulgaria

  • 1686, Polish offensive in Moldavia

  • 1685, Imre Thököly leads an unsuccessful attack on Transylvania

  • 1686, Russia joins the Holy League

  • 1686, Thököly is released

  • 1686, Second Tarnovo Uprising

  • 1686, Eternal Peace signed between Poland and Russia

  • 1687, First Crimean Campaign

  • 1687, Second Battle of Mohács, results in mutiny amongst Ottoman soldiers

  • 1687, Mehmed IV is deposed and replaced by his brother Suleiman II

  • 1688, Imre Thököly leads a second unsuccessful attack on Transylvania, resulting in him being put back in an Ottoman prison

  • 1688, Șerban Cantacuzino dies under mysterious circumstances and Constantin Brâncoveanu comes to power

  • 1688, Siege of Belgrade

  • 1688, Venice captures Knin

Ottoman surrender after the Second Battle of Mohács

The Austrian attack on Buda

The reconquest of Buda

The Bulgarian uprisings of the late 17th century

The fortress of Belgrade

The 1688 Ottoman recapture of Belgrade

Sultan Suleiman II

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