093 March to Europe

As the Venetian war in Crete winds down, new ones pop up with the Hapsburgs, Poles, and Russians. The Ottomans, led by the Köprülü Viziers are still expanding their territory and reforming themselves, but how long can it last as the pressures of a changing Europe make themselves felt on the Ottoman world?

Major Characters in this Episode

Emperor Leopold I

Köprülüzade Fazıl Ahmed Pasha

Sultan Mehmed IV

Kara Mustafa Pasha

Imre Thököly

Timeline for this episode

  • 1663–1664 Austro-Turkish War

  • 1664, Battle of Saint Gotthard

  • 1664, the Siege of Novi Zrin

  • 1664, Peace of Vasvár

  • 1666, Venetians try and fail to retake Canea

  • 1668-9, the Cossacks become Ottoman Vassals

  • 1672-1676 the Second Polish–Ottoman War

  • 1676-1681, Russo-Turkish War

  • 1683, Hungarian uprising against the Austrians

  • 1683, Ottoman attack on Vienna

The 1664 Battle of Saint Gotthard

The 1664 Siege of Novi Zrin

A map of the Ottoman northern border with Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

The 1673 Battle of Khotyn

The layout of the Cossack Capital

A depiction of a battle between Polish and Ottoman cavalry

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