092 The Reign of Köprülü

One of the most devastating wars in European history is coming to an end, shaping the continent for centuries to come. At the same time, a new state is rising on the Ottoman frontier, a great European power is in terminal decline, murder and intrigue are ravaging the palace, and a new dynasty is stepping up to rule the Empire.

Major Characters in this Episode

Emperor Ferdinand III

Emperor Leopold I

Vasile Lupu

Matei Basarab

Sultan Ibrahim I

George II Rákóczi


Köprülü Mehmed Pasha

Constantin Șerban

Gheorghe Ștefan

Timeline for this episode

  • 1645–1669 War with Venice (Cretan War)

  • 1648, Peace of Westphalia:

  • 1648, Khmelnytsky Uprising by Cossacks

  • 1648, George Rákóczi dies and is succeeded as Prince of Transylvania by his son George II Rákóczi

  • 1649, George II Rákóczi forms an alliance with a Cossack commander, Wallachia, and Moldavia against Poland, but they take no immediate action

  • 1651, death of Ibrahim’s mother Kösem Sultan

  • 1653, Battle of Finta, after which Vasile Lupu was exiled and imprisoned in Constantinople and replaced by Gheorghe Ștefan

  • 1654, Matei Basarab dies and is succeeded by Constantin Șerban

  • 1654, Pereyaslav Council has the newly independent Cossack state ally with Russia

  • 1655, the beginning of the Second Northern War

  • 1656, Çınar incident

  • 1656, Köprülü Mehmed Pasha becomes grand vizier, beginning the Köprülü era

  • 1656, the Treaty of Radnot divides up the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

  • 1657, George II Rákóczi invades Poland to aid Sweden

  • 1657-1662, Transylvania attacks the Tatars

  • 1657, Ferdinand III dies and is succeeded by his son Leopold I

  • 1657, Sipahi rebellion

  • 1658, Ottomans invade Transylvania

  • 1658, Second Abaza revolt

  • 1660, Ayazmakapi Fire

  • 1661, Transylvania declared independence again, prompting an Ottoman-Tatar invasion

Europe in 1648 after the Peace of Westphalia

Grand Vizier Köprülü Mehmed Pasha

Janissaries in 1650

A Cossack warrior

The rough borders of the new Cossack state

The borders of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth before "The Deluge"

The borders of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth after "The Deluge"

Emperor Leopold I

George II Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania

The 1656 Battle of the Dardanelles

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