091 Palace Intrigue

An Ottoman governor goes rogue and starts a war, the Sultan marches East at the head of his army for the first time in decades, and palace intrigue threatens everyone alike.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Murad IV

Emperor Ferdinand III

Vasile Lupu

Matei Basarab

Sultan Ibrahim I

George Rákóczi

Timeline for this episode

  • 1633–1634 Polish–Ottoman War

  • 1633, Georgia rises up against the Safavids in favor of the Ottomans, but they were defeated

  • 1635, Murad IV leads the army in a successful summer campaign against the Safavids

  • 1636, The Safavids retake the territory

  • 1637, Ferdinand II dies

  • 1637, Moldavia attacks Wallachia

  • 1638, a Venetian fleet destroyed a fleet of Barbary pirates and bombarded an Ottoman port

  • 1638, Ottomans capture Baghdad

  • 1639, Treaty of Zuhab

  • 1639, Moldavia attacks Wallachia

  • 1640, Murad dies and is succeeded by his brother Ibrahim

  • 1642, treaty of Szön reaffirms peace with Austria

  • 1642, Synod of Jassy

  • 1644, George Rákóczi intervenes in the Thirty Years War against Ferdinand, conquering Hungary and marching to Vienna with the Swedes before the Ottomans ordered him back. Still, in the peace he was able to annex Hungarian territories.

  • 1645–1669 War with Venice (Cretan War)

  • 1446, Ottomans advance on Dalmatia

  • 1647, Grand Vizier, Sultan’s mother, and others attempt to depose Sultan Ibrahim

The territorial results of the Ottoman-Safavid War

Sultan Murad IV's march to the east to fight the Safavids

Sultan Ibrahim I

Vasil Lupu, voivode of Moldavia

Matei Besarab, voivode of Wallachia

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