090 Sunni vs Shiite, Protestant vs Catholic

As the dynamic young Sultan Osman II tried to reform the Empire, it turns out the Empire would rather not be reformed. Rebellions, invasions, corruption, and murder follow as the Ottoman Empire continues its struggle to modernize in a fast changing world.

Major Characters in this Episode

Ferdinand II

Leon Tomșa


Gabriel Bethlen

Mustafa I

Osman II

Murad IV

George I Rákóczi

Timeline for this episode

  • 1618-1648, Thirty Years War

  • 1620-1621 Polish-Ottoman War

  • 1620, Battle of Cecora

  • 1621, Battle of Chotin

  • 1622, revolt of the Janissaries and murder of Osman II

  • Use 1622 map

  • 1622, Abaza Rebellion

  • 1623, Mustafa I is deposed and replaced by his 11 year old brother Murad IV

  • 1623, Ștefan IX Tomșa is deposed by the Ottomans after failing to find a balance between pro-Polish Commonwealth nobles and Ottoman interests

  • 1623-1639, Ottoman-Safavid War

  • 1624, Ottomans attack the Abaza Rebellion

  • 1627, Second Abaza Rebellion

  • 1629, Gabriel Bethlen dies and is succeeded by his wife Catherine

  • 1631, Janissaries storm the palace and kill the Grand Vizier

  • 1631, Ottoman soldiers and Barbary Pirates attack Ireland

  • 1630s, The Moldavian throne gets traded between several men who bribe their way into the position as the Ottomans hope one of them can hold back the pro-Polish Commonwealth Boyars

  • 1632, Alexandru Coconul the last Romanian descendant of Vlad the Impaler and one time Voivode of both Wallachia and Moldavia died

Tatars during the 1620 Battle of Cecora against the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

The death of a Polish Nobleman during the 1620 Battle of Cecora

The area of the Ottoman-Safavid border being fought over

Sultan Murad IV

Catherine of Brandenburg, briefly Princess of Transylvania

George I Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania after Catherine

The path of the Ottoman Army towards the 1620 Battle of Khotyn

Poles defending their banner at the The path of the Ottoman Army towards the 1620 Battle of Khotyn

Another depiction of the Battle of Khotyn

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