089 The Mad King and The Mad Sultan

The Ottomans are being challenged by the Spanish on the seas, by the Safavids in the East, and by a chaotic political situation in the Balkans. Meanwhile, the Sultanate will experience an unprecedented transition of power and two mad men will lead whole regions of the Ottoman world into an uncertain future.

Major Characters in this Episode

Rudolf II


Ferdinand II

Radu Șerban

Sultan Ahmed I

Gabriel Báthory

Gabriel Bethlen

Mustafa I

Osman II

Timeline for this episode

  • 1611, Rudolf is forced to abdicate by his brother, who becomes Holy Roman Emperor

  • 1612, Treaty of Nasuh Pasha

  • 1613, the Battle of Cape Corvo

  • 1615, war resumes with the Safavids

  • 1616, Battle of Cape Celidonia

  • 1617, Death of Ahmed I

  • 1618, Replacement of Mustafa I by Osman II

  • 1618 The Defenestration of Prague

  • 1618, Treaty of Serav ends the Ottoman-Safavid war

  • 1618-1648, Thirty Years War

  • 1620-1621 Polish-Ottoman War

A battle between Ottoman and Spanish ships

Gabriel Bethlen, the man who replaced the "mad king"

Sultan Mustafa I, who was "mentally unwell"

The young Sultan Osman II

The Ottoman Empire before territorial losses to the Safavids

The Ottoman Empire after territorial losses to the Safavids

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