088 The Changing Empire

From taxes and the army to trade and the economy, the Ottoman Empire is changing. In the first half of this episode, we go over those changes as the 17th century finally dawns. Then, we see the Ottomans face a two front war as rebellions continue to tear the world apart as the Empires desperately search for some stability.

Major Characters in this Episode

Rudolf II

Radu Șerban

Sultan Ahmed I

Simion Movilă

Stephen Bocskai

Bálint Drugeth

Gabriel Báthory

Sigismund Rákóczi

Timeline for this episode

  • 1603-1618, Ottoman Safavid War

  • September 23rd 1604-1606, Bocskai uprising

  • May 6th, 1605, Gornja Bukovica battle between Serbs and Ottomans

  • 1605, Battle of Urmia

  • 1606, Treaty of Zsitvatorok and Treaty of Vienna

  • 1606, Bocskai dies

A (not entirely accurate) map of the Ottoman Empire in 1606

Negotiations for the Peace of Zsitvatorok 1606

The bloody reprisals against Ottomans after the recapture of Tabriz by the Safavids

Stephen Bocskai and his Hajduk warriors

Gabriel Báthory

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