087 The First Tarnovo Uprising

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

From Thessaly to Anatolia and even in Bulgaria itself, rebellions continue to challenge Ottoman domination as a new force rises up to unite Moldavia, Romania, and Transylvania for the first time.

Major Characters in this Episode

Rudolf II

Michael the Brave

Radu Șerban

Sultan Mehmed III

Simion Movilă

Tsar Shishman III

Ahmed I

Timeline for this episode

  • 1596-7 Serb Uprising

  • 1597, Plague hits Constantinople, killing 16 of Murad III’s 28 daughters

  • 1598, uprising around Tarnovo in response to the expectation that Hapsburg armies must be coming south of the Danube soon

  • 1598, Austrians recaptured Győr and Komarom

  • 1598, Karayazıcı uprising

  • 1599, Battle of Șelimbăr

  • 1599, Michael the Brave defeats the Ottomans at Nikopol

  • 1600, Battle of Mirăslău

  • 1600, use photo of Constantinople from 1600

  • 1600-1601 Thessaly Rebellion

  • 1601, Battle of Guruslău

  • 1601, Assassination of Michael the Brave and his replacement by Simion Movilă

  • 1602, Simion Movilă is ousted by the Boyars and replaced by Radu Șerban

  • 1603, death of Mehmed III

A map showing the states arrayed against the Ottomans in this war

An allegorical depiction of the Battle of Goroszló

Michael the Brave

The territory conquered by Michael the Brave in 1600

The burning of the remains of St. Sava

Ieremia Movilă, Voivode of Moldavia

Simion Movilă, who was at various times Voivode of both Wallachia and Moldavia

Radu Șerban, Voivode of Wallachia

Sultan Ahmed I

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