086 The Revenge of The Vassals

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

As corruption and mismanagement ravage the Ottoman Empire, rebellions spread ever further and three vassal states finally rise up to fight the Sultan. But with changes of leadership, murder, coups, and massive armies all on the prowl, what will emerge from the ashes?

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Murad III

Stephen Báthory

Aaron the Tyrant

Rudolf II

Michael the Brave

Ștefan Răzvan

Sultan Mehmed III

Timeline for this episode

  • 1593-1606 the Long Turkish War

  • 1594, Banat uprising

  • 1594, foundation of the Holy League of Pope Clement VIII

  • 1595, Murad III dies

  • 1595, Chavdar Voyvoda and others assault Sofia

  • 1595, the Battle of Cecora

  • 1596, Ottomans finally take Eger

  • 1596, Battle of Haçova

  • Late 1596, Himara Revolt

A map showing the states arrayed against the Ottomans in this war

The new Sultan, Mehmed III

The brief Voivode of Wallachia, Ștefan Răzvan

Below, you can find an excellent video covering Michael the Brave during this period.

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