084 Lepanto

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

With the coming of a fourth Ottoman-Venetian war, the power balance of the Mediterranean will be remade. Can Venice survive yet another Ottoman onslaught? Will the Christian powers of Europe unite to resist further Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean?

Major Characters in this Episode

Admiral Ali Pasha

Sultan Selim II

Sultan Murad III

John Zápolya

Bogdan IV

John III the Terrible

Alexander II Mircea

Vintilă of Wallachia

Maximilian II

Mihnea Turcitul “Mihnear Turned-Turk”

Stephen Báthory

Timeline for this episode

  • 1570-73 the fourth Ottoman-Venetian War

  • 1570-71 Ottoman conquest of Cyprus

  • 1571, Battle of Lepanto

  • 1571, John Zápolya dies without an heir

  • 1572, Bogdan IV of Moldavia dies and is replaced by John III the Terrible

  • 1574, Conquest of Tunis by the Ottomans

  • 1574, John III refuses to pay tribute to the Ottomans and is invaded

  • 1574, Alexander II Mircea is briefly overthrown by Vintilă of Wallachia

  • 1574 (December 15th) Selim II dies at 50 and was succeeded by his oldest son Murad III

  • 1575, Maximilian II gets elected King of Poland and challenges Stephen

  • 1575, France officially revives its Ottoman alliances for a joint attack against Spain

  • 1576, Banya Bashi Mosque was constructed.

  • 1576, The Ottomans aid in the capture of Fez and establish control over the entire North African coast to Gibraltar (with the exception of three Spanish controlled cities)

  • 1577, Alexander II Mircea is poisoned and succeeded by his wife, serving as a regent for their son Mihnea Turcitul “Mihnear Turned-Turk” (who was an Ottoman prisoner) until 1583

Sultan Murad III

John III "The Terrible" of Wallachia

Stephen Báthory, erstwhile King of Poland and Lithuania

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary

The star fortress of Nicosia on Cyprus

The oder of battle at Lepanto

an artist's depiction of the Battle of Lepanto

Another painting of Lepanto

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