079 Crescendo

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

The Ottomans are pushing on all fronts, attempting to exert control in the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, and Central Europe. But as Suleiman grows older, the question lingers in the air: how much longer can the Ottoman Empire keep up its expansion

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Suleiman

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

John Zápolya

Ferdinand I

Radu Paisie

John Sigismund Zápolya

Maximilian II

Philip II of Spain

Mircea the Shepherd

Timeline of this episode

  • 1556, the Hungarian Diet returns John to the throne

  • 1558, Ottomans capture the Balearic Islands

  • 1559, Ottoman Siege of Bahrain

  • 1560, Battle of Djerba

  • 1564, Ferdinand I dies

  • 1565, The Great Siege of Malta

  • 1565, Ottoman expedition to Aceh

  • 1566, Siege of Szigetvár

Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II

Phillip II of Spain

The Ottoman Siege of Malta

The fortress of Szigetvár

The Ottoman siege of Szigetvár

Suleiman's funeral

Suleiman's tomb

The Ottoman Empire at the death of Suleiman

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