077 A Hungarian Requiem

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

As Sultan Suleiman marches toward the Hungarian border with the full might of the Ottoman Imperial Army at his back, who can stop him? The Hungarians? The Habsburgs?

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Suleiman

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Louis II of Hungary

Pál Tomori

John Zápolya

Ferdinand I

Petru Rareș

Admiral Selman Reis

Radu Paisie

Shah Tahmasp I

Timeline for this episode

  • 1526, the death of Louis II of Hungary

  • August 29th 1526, Battle of Mohács

  • 1527, Ottoman Admiral Selman Reis makes Yemen recognize Ottoman sovereignty. This allowed the Ottomans to make the Red Sea an Ottoman lake and prevent further Portuguese incursions there.

  • 1527, Battle of Tarcal

  • 1527, Stephen IV of Moldavia dies and is succeeded by Petru Rareș, an illegitimate son of Stephen the Great

  • 1528, Battle of Szina

  • 1528, the fall of Jajce

  • 1528, The Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church was constructed.

  • 1529, First Siege of Vienna

  • 1530, Hapsburg counter-attack in Hungary

  • 1531, Siege of Diu

  • 1532, Second attack on Vienna but stalls with the Siege of Güns

  • 1532-1555 Ottoman Safavid War

  • 1533, Treaty of Constantinople

  • 1534, Conquest of Tunis by the Ottomans

  • 1535, The Ottomans annex most of Iraq, they reach Basra and the Persian Gulf by 1538, but most of the Gulf was controlled either directly or indirectly by Portugal.

  • 1535, Charles V takes Tunis

  • 1536, Ottomans and French sign a formal alliance

An Ottoman miniature of the Battle of Mohacs

Another Ottoman miniature of the Battle of Mohacs

A modern painting depicting the discovery of the corpse of King Louis II of Hungary

A map depicting the division of land in the years following the Hungarian defeat at Mohacs

An Ottoman depiction of the 1529 Siege of Vienna

Petru Rareș, Voivode of Wallachia

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