076 Suleiman the Magnificent

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

As a young man brimming with energy takes the Ottoman throne, the West is distracted. As shifting alliances and internal divisions turn one of the great European powers into a shadow of its former self, where will young Suleiman direct his wrath?

Major Characters in This Episode

Sultan Suleiman

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Louis II of Hungary

Neagoe Basarab

Teodosie of Wallachia

Radu of Afumați

Selma Reis

King Francis I of France

Timeline for This Episode

  • 1521, Neagoe Basarab dies

  • 1521, Revolt by the governor of Damascus

  • 1521, Siege of Belgrade

  • 1522, the Ottomans take Skradin and Knin in Croatia

  • 1522, Siege of Rhodes

  • 1524, the death of a Crimean Sultan means the Ottomans now directly appoint them

  • 1524, Sigismund signs an Alliance with France

  • 1524, after 5 years of back and forth, Charles V is close to an alliance with the Safavid Persians, but the death of the Shah puts it on hold.

  • 1525, Suleiman appoints Selma Reis as admiral of the Ottoman fleet in the Red Sea to protect against Portuguese attacks.

The fortress of Belgrade, taken by the Ottomans in 1522

Sultan Suleiman at the Siege of Rhodes

Janissaries attacking the Knights of St. John at the Siege of Rhodes

A cannon used by the Knights of St. John in defense of Rhodes

A painting depicting French King Francis I meeting Sultan Suleiman

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