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074 A Return to Conquest

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Chaos engulfs Walachia and Moldavia while earthquakes and civil war come to the Ottomans. All the while, the rising power of the Safavids in the East will finally challenge the Ottomans. The results will set a new course for the Ottomans in the Middle East

Major Characters in this Episode:

Stephen the Great

Bogdan III the One-Eyed

Sigismund I the Old

John Corvinus

Christopher Corvinus

Alexander I


Louis II of Hungary

Radu IV

Mihnea cel Rău

Mircea III Dracul

Selim I

Timeline for this episode:

  • 1504, John Corvinus dies at age 31 leaving one son, Christopher Corvinus who died at the age of 6 the next year of suspected poisoning. With him the Hunyadi family ends.

  • 1504, Stephen the Great dies and Moldavia quickly loses the bit of southern Poland it took two years previously

  • 1504, Bogdan III becomes Voivode of Moldavia and marries the sister of the King of Poland

  • 1505-6, brief war between Hungary and Austria

  • 1506, Alexander I, King of Poland and Duke of Lithuania dies and is succeeded by his brother Sigismund I the Old

  • 1506, Vladislaus has a son, meaning Maximilian’s family no longer has the possibility to rule Hungary (though his son died the same year). His wife dies from complications from childbirth. The Hungarian Diet also decided the foreign rulers were a terrible idea and they would no longer have them, though Vladislaus was still King.

  • 1508, Radu IV “The Great” dies and is succeeded by his cousin Mihnea cel Rău

  • 1509, Mihnea cel Rău is overthrown with Ottoman assistance and replaced by Mircea III Dracul

  • October 1509, Bogdan III is defeated by Sigismund I in battle on the Dniester

  • September 1509, massive earthquake hits Constantinople

  • January 17, 1510, peace treaty is signed between the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and Moldavia

  • 1510, Moldavia suffers two Tatar invasions

  • 1510, the Seven year peace following the treaty of 1503 is renewed

  • 1512 Peace treaty is annulled by Bayezid’s successor Selim

  • 1513, Battle of Dubica

  • 1514, Battle of Chaldiran

Bogdan III of Moldavia
Bogdan III, the son and successor to Stephen the Great

A photo of a statue of Stephen the Great in central Chisinau
A photo I took of a statue of Stephen the Great in central Chisinau

Sigismund I of Poland
Sigismund I of Poland, the last of the sons of Casimir IV, King of Poland to become a King

Louis II of Hungary
Louis II of Hungary, son of Vladislaus, who's birth ensured the throne would not go to the Hapsburgs

The Battle of Chaldiran.
A depiction of the Battle of Chaldiran

Battle of Chaldiran
An Ottoman Miniature depicting the Battle of Chaldiran.

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