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073 The Second Ottoman-Venetian War

As the Europeans attempt to pull together an alliance for another anti-Ottoman Crusade and a second Ottoman-Venetian war comes into play, can the European Powers set aside their differences?

Major Characters in this Episode:

Vlad IV Călugărul

Radu the Great

Cem Sultan

Sultan Bayezid II

Stefan II Crnojević

Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I

Stephen the Great

Vladislaus II

John Albert

John Corvinus

Kemal Reis

Shah Ismail I

Timeline for this episode:

  • 1494, Buyuk Mosque was constructed in central Sofia

  • 1494, A new three year truce is signed between Poland and the Ottomans in April. Despite this, the Poles begin preparations for an attack on the Ottoman-controlled Black Sea ports recently under Moldavian control.

  • February 1495, Cem Sultan dies in Naples

  • 1495, A three year truce  is made between Hungary and the Ottomans, it was asked for by Bayezid because of his concerns over advancing French forces in Italy. It seems not to have applied to Croatia.

  • 1495, minor civil war in Hungary over Vladislaus being called an ox by a noble angry over new taxes imposed on him, he led a small campaign there and brought the man to heel.

  • 1495, Vlad IV Călugărul dies and is succeeded by his son Radu the Great

  • 1496, Stefan II Crnojević becomes the ruler of Zeta after he betrays his brother Đurađ Crnojević to the Ottomans for attempting to organize an anti-Ottoman coalition. Đurađ responds by proposing that he become an Ottoman vassal but maintain his position. The local Ottoman bey responds by invading Zeta, forcing Đurađ to flee to Venice. Stefan now becomes nominally the lord of Zeta, but he’s really an Ottoman puppet they use to more easily conquer the region.

  • 1496, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I expels all Jews from several Austrian provinces

  • 1497, siege of Suceava, followed by the Battle of the Cosmin Forest

  • Spring 1498, Stephen the Great invades southern Poland along with Ottoman and Tatar forces

  • Summer 1498, the Tatars invade Poland again

  • July 20, 1498, Vladislaus, Stephen, and John Albert make an Anti-Ottoman alliance in Krakow

  • 1499, The Principality of Zeta is dissolved and turned into the Sanjak of Scutari

  • 1499-1503 the Second Ottoman Venetian War (during this time, John Corvinus helps fight the Ottomans in Bosnia)

  • August 1499, Battle of Zonchio

  • 1500, the Battle of Modon

  • November-December 1500, A Venetian-Spanish army takes an Ottoman fortress on an Ionian island

  • 1500, Đurađ returns to Zeta, and is invited to come to Constantinople where he gives up any possibility of ruling Zeta and in return is given an estate in Anatolia

  • 1500, a Sunni military group arising out of Anatolia, Syria, and the Caucasus called Qizilbash defeat a far larger Aq Qoyunlu force, establishing the Safavid Empire in 1501

  • 1501, Vladislaus signs an alliance with Venice whereby Venice agrees to pay an annual sum to Hungary of 30,000 Florins in peace years and 100,000 Florins in war years

  • 1501, John Albert of Poland dies at age 41

  • 1501, Stephen the Great attacks the Ottomans but again fails to retake Chilia or Cetatea Albǎ.

  • In 1502, Meñli I Giray defeated the last khan of the Great Horde, which put an end to the Horde's claims on Crimea

  • 1502, armistice ends the fighting in the Ottoman-Venetian war

  • 1503, an Ottoman raiding party reaches Northern Italy, further worrying Venice and pushing it to negotiate a worse treaty

  • 1503, Peace treaty ends the Ottoman-Venetian war (with Hungary as well) Hungary loses some Bosnian castles

  • October 9th 1503, Duke of Lithuania signs a 5 year peace with the Ottomans

Jagiellonian dynasty lands
A map showing all the territory controlled by the Jagiellonian dynasty

The Buyuk Mosque in 1920
The Buyuk Mosque (by then already the national archeological museum) in 1920

The Buyuk Mosque today
The Buyuk Mosque today

Radu the Great of Wallachia with his wife, Catalina Crnojević of Zeta
Radu the Great of Wallachia with his wife, Catalina Crnojević of Zeta

The fortress of the Moldavian capital of Suceava
The fortress of the Moldavian capital of Suceava

Kemal Reis, the greatest Ottoman admiral of his era
Kemal Reis, the greatest Ottoman admiral of his era

Kemal's flagship the Göke
Kemal's flagship the Göke

The Battle of Zonchio
The Battle of Zonchio

Shah Ismail I, founder of the Safavid Dynasty
Shah Ismail I, founder of the Safavid Dynasty

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