072 A Game of Crowns

Two brothers will fight for the Hungarian throne as Eastern and Central Europe are reshaped by new rulers. Far to the West, a new continent is discovered and a new people are welcomed into the Ottoman Empire.

Major Characters in this Episode

Frederick of Austria

Maximilian of Austria


John Albert

Alexander I

Casimir IV

John Corvinus

Beatrice of Naples

Sultan Bayezid II

Stephen of Moldavia

Ivan the Great

Timeline for this episode

  • 1490-91,  Maximilian of Habsburg and Vladislaus's brother, John Albert, invaded Hungary, but they could not assert their claim and made peace with Vladislaus in November 1491 (peace of Pressburg)

  • January 25 1491, Poles defeat a Tatar raid at the Battle of Zaslaw

  • September, 1491, Battle of Vrpile

  • 1491-1492, Stephen brings Wallachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania together to help protect Hungary from the Ottomans. He also attempts to bring Lithuania and Muscovy into an anti-Ottoman alliance, but fails.

  • June 1492, Casimir IV of Poland dies (he actually became King after the death of Władysław III in the Crusade of Varna, remember that?)

  • 1492, Jews expelled from Spain

  • 1492, The Black Army is accused of heresy and many of its members are roasted alive

  • September 11th 1493, Battle of Krbava Field

  • 1493, the first book is printed in Southeastern Europe in Zeta, though it only printed religious books for about three years

  • 1493, Frederick III dies from gangrene at 77 and his son Maximillian becomes Holy Roman Emperor

  • 1493 Kremikovtsi Monastery is reconstructed

  • 1493, the Black Army is formally dissolved

  • April 1494, all the brothers (Vladislaus et al) join to start an anti-Ottoman crusade

King Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary

John Albert, rival for the Hungarian throne and future King of Poland

The third brother, Alexander I, future Grand Duke of Lithuania

A modern image of the main church of the Kremikovski Monastery, built by a Bulgarian Boyar during this time

An image of the Boyar who commissioned the church

The Alhambra decree expelling Jews from Spain

A map showing where successive waves of Jews expelled from their homes travelled to over the centuries

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