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071 Brother vs Brother

Sultan Mehmed II's son Bayezid II has come to the throne while his brother starts a civil war to gain the throne for himself. The question as to how this second Ottoman Civil War will affect the Empire. How will Moldavia, Wallachia, Hungary, Poland, and others respond? This episode will also see the death of one of the greatest leaders of the region, while another such leader will reach a new low point in his struggle against the Ottomans.

Major Characters in this Episode:

Bayezid II

Cam Sultan

Mathias Corvinus

John Corvinus

Gjon Kastrioti II

Basarab Țepeluș cel Tânăr

Vlad Călugărul

Timeline for this episode:

  • 1481, Cam Sultan goes to Cairo, and embarks on the Hajj.

  • 1481, Vlad Călugărul is placed on the throne of Wallachia by Stephen via an invasion in June, defeating Basarab Țepeluș cel Tânăr

  • 1481-1482? Bayezid offers money for his brother to give up his claim

  • May 1482 Cam besieges Konya with a Karamanid army

  • 1481-1482, Basarab Țepeluș cel Tânăr retakes the throne with Ottoman help, but is then overthrown again in the spring of the next year by Vlad via a Moldavian invasion and killed

  • July 1482, Cam loses a battle of Bayezid and flees to Rhodes

  • 1482, Austro-Hungarian war resumes, Mathias takes several Austrian fortresses and cities, the Pope tries to broker peace but Mathias refuses

  • 1483 Hungary and the Ottomans sign a 5 year truce which places Moldavia and Wallachia within the Ottoman sphere of influence

  • 1484, Gjon Kastrioti II gives up his fight against the Ottomans and returns to Italy, marrying the daughter of Lazar Branković

  • 1484, Ottomans invade Moldavia and conquer the vital port fortresses of Chilia and Cetetea Alba. This means the Ottomans control the entire Moldavian black sea coast

  • 1485, the Ottomans burn Stephen the Great’s capital down

  • 1485-6 Stephen wins several battles against the Ottomans but fails to retake Chilia and Cetetea Alba

  • 1485, Corvinus lays siege to Vienna and conquers it after 5 months, moving his capital there and calling on the lords of Austria to come and swear fealty to him

  • 1485, Stephen is granted two towns in Transylvania as compensation for his losses to the Ottomans.

  • 1485-1503 Polish-Ottoman War

  • 1487, Karamanids fall

  • On September 8, 1487, the Battle of Kopystrzyn in Podolia took place, in which the Tatars were defeated by the Poles.

  • 1488, Hungarian Ottoman truce is prolonged for another 2 years

  • 1489, Venice takes Cyprus (formerly a Crusader state)

  • 1489, Cam is transferred to Rome

  • March 23 1489, a two year truce is signed between the Ottomans and Poles recognizing Ottoman conquests of Moldavian territory

  • 1490, Ivan Crnojević dies, Đurađ IV Crnojević becomes ruler of Zeta

  • April 6, 1490 Mathias dies of a stroke

Sultan Bayezid II
Sultan Bayezid II, who now has the throne and is fighting his half brother

Cam Sulan in Rhodes
Bayezid's half brother and rival for the throne Cam, here imprisoned in Rhodes

A map of the conquests of Matthias Corvinus
A map of the conquests of Matthias Corvinus leading up to his death,

A map of Europe at the death of Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus
A map of Europe at the death of Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus

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