070 Go West

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

The Ottomans are on the offensive following their victory over Venice. The question is: where will the blows strike and will Sultan Mehmed's enemies be able to resist? In the process the greatest fears of many in the West will finally come to pass.

Major Characters in this Episode:

Vuk Grgurević

Mehmed the Conqueror

Stephen III of Moldavia

Basarab Țepeluș cel Tânăr

Basarab cel Bătrân

Bayezid II

Sultan Cem

King Mathias of Hungary

Gjon Kastrioti II

Timeline for this Episode:

  • 1479 Battle of Breadfield (Basarab Laiotă dies), Besarab IV is forced to side with the Ottomans and provide 5,000 soldiers in their campaign against Transylvania

  • 1480 Stephen the Great initially makes peace with the Ottomans and promises to resume tribute, but then invades Wallachia with Hungarian support

  • 1480: the Ottomans raid Hungarian Croatia

  • November 1480, Hungarians send two raiding parties into Ottoman territory, one to Serbia and another to Bosnia

  • Early 1480 Ottoman attack on Rhodes

  • 1480-81 Ottoman invasion of Italy

  • 1481, Mehmed II dies

  • 1481, Gjon Kastrioti II helps retake Zeta from the Ottomans

A later depiction of the Battle of Breadfield

Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân, one of the victors at the Battle of Breadfield.

A mortar used in the defense of Rhodes against the Ottomans.

The walls of the Italian City of Otranto.

Mehmed II's tomb in Istanbul.

The extent of the Ottoman Empire at the death of Mehmed II

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