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069 The Fall of Albania

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Following his humiliation defeat in the depths of winter, Sultan Mehmed is out for revenge against Stephen the Great of Moldavia. Then, he's ready to end the 16 year long Ottoman-Venetian war once and for all. For Mehmed, it's come down to score settling.

The second part of this video covers the battle of Valea Albă.

Major characters in this episode:


Stephen III of Moldavia

Vlad the Impaler

Basarab Laiotă

Basarab Țepeluș cel Tânăr

Ivan Crnojević

Timeline for this episode:

  • Ottoman Venetian war of 1463–1479

  • 1476, Ottoman invasion of Moldavia

  • 1476 Battle of Valea Albă

  • July 1476, the Ottomans fail to take the two major fortresses in Moldavia and retreat.

  • Autumn 1476, Vlad works with Hungarians and Moldavians to retake Wallachia, forcing Basarab Laiotă to flee to the Ottomans. Vlad is crowned in November

  • Winter 1476, Basarab Laiotă invades Wallachia with Ottoman support and kills Vlad. His corpse was cut into pieces and his head sent to Mehmed.

  • Early 1477, Stephen invades Wallachia again and dethrones Basarab Laiotă again, installing Basarab Țepeluș cel Tânăr as voivoda of Wallachia.

  • 1477-1488, Austrian-Hungarian war (with a break from 1477-1482)

  • 1478, fourth siege and fall of Krujë, and the Second Siege of Shkodra

  • 1479, Treaty of Constantinople ends the Ottoman Venetian War

Neamț Citadel
Neamț Citadel, one of the two fortresses which held out against Mehmed and his army following the Moldavian defeat at the Battle of Valea Albă

Neamț Citadel from a distance
Neamț Citadel from a distance, both photos were taken by me in the summer of 2012

The Pangarati Monastery
The Pangarati Monastery, founded by a monk under Stephen the Great and expanded in 1560. I was kindly hosted here by local monks in the summer of 2012

Battle of Valea Albă
The 1476 Battle of Valea Albă

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