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068 Scorched Earth

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Feeling secure in the Balkans despite his ongoing war with Venice, Sultan Mehmed moves to Anatolia to challenge another Turkic state challenging the Ottomans for dominance. Then, a small European power will challenge him for its life.

Major Characters for this episode:

Mehmed II

Stephen the Great (Stefan Cel Mare)

Vlad Dracul

Crasimir (King of Poland)

King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary

Uzun Hasan

Timeline for this episode:

  • Ottoman Venetian war of 1463–1479

  • 1470, Peter Aron attacks Moldavia with Hungarian support, Wallachia invades, Tatars invade

  • 1470, Siege of Negroponte

  • 1470, Sanjak of Herzegovina is formed

  • In 7 March 1471, Radu fought the Battle of Soci against Stephen III

  • 1471, Gedik Ahmed Pasha conquers coastal territories of the Karamanids

  • 1473, Ottoman campaign in Eastern Anatolia

  • 1473, Battle of Otlukbeli

  • In 1473, following an agreement with the Ottomans, Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân (Basarab Laiotă the Old) took over the throne. Between 1473 and 1475 Radu briefly returned twice to the throne.

  • 1474, Siege of Shkodra

  • 1475 Battle of Vaslui

  • 1475, Vlad the Impaler resurfaces

  • 1475 Ottomans invade Genoese towns in Crimea in response to a Tatar call for aid

A map of the Aq Qonyulu Turkic state which challenged the Ottomans in Eastern Anatolia.

Though this is from around 20 years before this episode, it does generally show the areas we're dealing with this in this episode

The leader of Aq Qonyulu, Uzun Hasan

Basarab Laiotă who replaced Radu several times as Voivoda of Wallachia

King Stephen the Great of Moldavia

A map of Moldavia showing the site of the Battle of Vaslui
A map of Moldavia showing the site of the Battle of Vaslui

A letter sent by Stephen to European powers requesting assistance against the coming Ottoman invasion

A map of the Battle of Vaslui
A map of the Battle of Vaslui

Here's a Youtube video who's third portion covers the Battle of Otlukbeli from Kings and Generals.

The first portion of this video from the same channel covers the Battle of Vaslui.

Lastly, one more video on the Battle of Vaslui.

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