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067 Skanderbeg

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

With the Ottomans dominant in Morea, they can focus their full attention on Albania and Skanderbeg. The question is, can Skanderbeg continue to defeat the ever-larger Ottoman armies invading Albania and will the Italians and Venetians send the help they've promised?

A depiction of the Second Siege of Krujë.

Skanderbeg's death from Malaria

A portion of the fortress of Elbasan built by the Ottomans in central Albania as a forward operating base (I couldn't find my old photos of it)

Khotyn Fortress, given to King Stephen the Great of Moldavia for becoming a Polish vassal (once again I could not find my old photos of it)

Finally, an old photo as promised. This is me in 2012 in one of the passes in the Carpathians separating Transylvania from Moldavia

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