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050 Vassals

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

As the Ottomans expand, the Balkan states gradually become simple vassals.

Tsar Ivan Shishman meeting Sultan Murad to give his sister Kera Tamara over to the Sultan's harem, and three maps showing Bulgaria after 1371.

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1 Comment

Nathan Daniels
Nathan Daniels
Apr 23, 2021

Hi! I love your podcast! my great-grandfather settled in Salem, OR from Bulgaria, where he lived to the ripe old age of 106. Listening to The History of Bulgaria helps me identify more with a part of my history I’ve always treasured but knew nothing about. Also, every time I hear the opening theme music, I have to shout “Hey!” on the last note, no matter where I am.

Your conversation on the Janissary class prompted me to comment. Creating the Janissaries may have had positive outcomes for some of the parties involved, but it’s still okay to unequivocally denounce something as evil, even if it has some benefits. We obviously live in a different time and culture, but…

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