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Roger Ng’s wife testified about Tim Leissner’s feng shui readings. Bloomberg via Getty Images

Leissner acknowledged meeting with a feng shui master earlier in the trial, telling the jury that the master predicted he “would have an issue with authorities for the first half of the 10 years but then it would be resolved.”

The master also warned that “women in my life would always be a problem,” according to Leissner, who earlier admitted to being a “double bigamist” who was twice married to two different bocoran slot gacor hari ini women at the same time.

Leissner also testified that one of his meetings with Ng and his wife regarding the feng shui readings led the trio to develop a “cover story” for a $35 million kickback.

Last week, FBI agent Sean Fern said the feds tracked tens of millions of dollars that were filtered from an account controlled by Leissner’s ex-wife, Judy Chan Leissner, to another account held by Ng’s mother-in-law, Tan Kim Chin.

Fern said Ng used the money was used to buy luxury items, such as such as $300,000 worth of jewelry and a $20,000 gold-plated hourglass. Prosecutors have also alleged Lim “played a central and crucial role” to Ng’s embezzlement scheme.

Ng has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to launder money and violate US anti-bribery laws.

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