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153 "Friendly Advice"

In the aftermath of Stambolov's counter-coup, the new regency tries to repair relations with Russia. However, Tsar Alexander III has his own ideas.

Major Characters in this Episode

Petko Karavelov

Stefan Stambolov

Tsar Alexander III of Russia

Nikolai Kaulbars

Major Racho Petrov

Vasil Radoslavov

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1886, Sept 1st - Extraordinary session of the 4 National Assembly. Georgi Zhivkov is chairman. The regency and the government are affirmed. The first national loan is voted on - 33.3 million leva in treasury bonds.

  • 1886 Sept 13th - The special delegate of the Russian emperor, general Nikolai Kaulbars, arrives in Sofia. There’s an ultimatum for the Regency to delay the election for Supreme National Assembly, cancellation of the martial law, and the freeing of the arrested coup attempts. The regents do the last two, but denounce the first task, calling upon the constitution and the decision of the fourth National Assembly.

  • 1886 Sept 17th - General N, Kaulbars declares the upcoming election illegal and undertakes a tour of Northern Bulgaria to agitate in favour of the Russophiles and against the authorities. The cabinet sends colonel Rachel Petrov after him to neutralise the agitation.

  • 1886, Sept 27th - With a note to the Great Powers, the government announces that it will expel foreigners that meddle in government affairs.

  • 1886, Oct 10th - Third Supreme National Assembly elections, won by the nationalists Russophobes, they support the regency and the government.

  • 1886, Oct 19th - Commencement of the Third Supreme National Assembly meetings.

  • 1886 Oct 22nd - Captain Nabokov organises an armed uprising in Burgas, squashed by the army. Two Russian military ships dock in Varna to defend the Russian subjects in Bulgaria. Consultation between the Great powers for a Russian occupation of the country. Austro-Hungary and Great Britain support Bulgaria. The regents declare that the army will offer resistance to Russian military moves in Bulgaria.

  • 1886 Oct 24th - Under Russian pressure the regent Petko Karavelov resigns and is replaced by Georgi Zhivkov on November 1st.

  • 1886 Oct 29th - The third Supreme National Assembly elects the Danish prince Valdemar as knyaz, but under Russian pressure his father - king Christian, declines the offer. A plea is sent to the Great Powers to recommend a candidate for the throne.

  • 1886 Nov 6th - General Nikolai Kaulbars breaks up the Bulgarian-Russian diplomatic relationship and pulls the Russian ambassadors. The leaders of the Russophiles emigrate to Tsarigrad, Odrin, Thessaloniki, and Bucharest. The Russian interests in Northern Bulgaria are defended by the German diplomatic agent in Sofia, and in Southern Bulgaria - by the french consul in Plovdiv.

The new Prime Minister Vasil Radoslavov
The new Prime Minister Vasil Radoslavov

Russia's latest agent, Nikolai von Kaulbars
Russia's latest agent, Nikolai von Kaulbars

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