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078 A New Frontier

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

As Suleiman juggles wars in the East and the West, he finally takes the bold step of extending the frontier farther towards the heart of Europe. As intrigues swirl around the courts of Hungary, Moldavia, and Wallachia, these events will reshape the alliances of Europe several times over. When the dust settles, Suleiman will have to decide where he goes next.

Major Characters in this Episode

Sultan Suleiman

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Ferdinand I

Petru Rareș

Radu Paisie

Shah Tahmasp I

Stephen V of Moldavia

Hernán Cortés

Tsar Ivan IV

Sigismund II Augustus

John Sigismund Zápolya

Timeline for this Episode

  • 1536, the fall of Požega

  • 1536-1537, the fall of Klis

  • 1537, the Battle of Gorjani, breaking the 1533 Treaty of Constantinople

  • 1537, Siege of Corfu

  • 1537-1540, Ottoman-Venetian War

  • 1538, Secret treaty of Nagyvárad is signed between Ferdinand and Zápolya

  • 1538, Siege of Diu

  • 1538, Battle of Preveza

  • 1538 Invasion of Moldavia

  • 1538, the fall of Nadin and Vrana, establishing a border at Požega-Bihać-Velebit-Zrmanja-Cetina. Within two years, the Croatian buffer zone between the Ottomans and Venetian Dalmatia was gone

  • 1359, John Zápolya marries Sigismund of Poland’s eldest daughter.

  • 1340, John Zápolya has a son, John Sigismund Zápolya, and dies 9 days later

  • 1541, Siege of Buda

  • 1541, Charles V attacks Ottoman Algiers

  • 1542, Siege of Pest

  • 1543, Radu Paisie of Wallachia signs a secret treaty with Ferdinand

  • 1543, Siege of Esztergom

  • 1545, one year truce signed between the Ottomans and Habsburgs

  • 1546, the fall of Basra

  • 1547, Treaty of Adrianople

  • 1547, the Grand Duchy of Moscow officially becomes the Tsardom of Russia under Ivan IV

  • 1548, Death of Sigismund the Old

  • 1548-49, second campaign in Persia by Suleiman

  • 1548, Capture of Aden

  • 1548, Siege of Van

  • 1551, The Ottomans capture the Straits of Hormuz, helping to control the Persian Gulf

  • 1551, Treaty of Weissenburg

  • 1552, Siege of Eger

  • 1552, Muscat is captured

  • 1555, Treaty of Amasya ends the Ottoman-Safavid War

The Croatia fortress of Klis
The Croatia fortress of Klis

The siege of Buda
The siege of Buda

John Sigismund Zápolya, King of Hungary
John Sigismund Zápolya, King of Hungary

The Battle of Preveza
The Battle of Preveza

The Siege of Esztergom
The Siege of Esztergom

The Siege of Eger
The Siege of Eger

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